What Is Cosmetic Orthodontics?

When it comes to orthodontics, there are more reasons than one to seek treatment. Many patients call an orthodontist for complex issues like bad overbites or painful jaw problems like TMJ, but not every patient visits our office for serious orthodontic issues. In fact, many patients simply want to straighten their smiles to improve the appearance of their teeth – and they want to do so without the bulky brackets and wires of traditional braces. 

That is where cosmetic orthodontic treatment steps in. But what is cosmetic orthodontics, you ask? Keep reading to learn more about this discrete approach to treatment from the team at Razi Orthodontics

All About Cosmetic Orthodontics

When most people think about orthodontics, they probably think of a teenager with a mouth full of metal. However, with the advancements of modern technology, there are many faces with braces out there in the world, and a major reason for this is the development of cosmetic orthodontics. 

Cosmetic orthodontics is a term used to describe the aesthetic side of orthodontic treatment. While it’s true that many patients seek braces or clear aligners to correct major crowding, misalignment, or bite problems, many others choose to move forward to correct minor issues that affect the appearance rather than the functionality of their teeth. 

These patients may have already worn braces once in their lives, or they may never have had severe orthodontic concerns, but because they feel self-conscious about their smile’s appearance, they choose to move forward with treatment. 

For example, picture this… 

Sarah is a 28-year-old practicing attorney who just got engaged to her fiance, John. Sarah’s parents got her braces when she was 13, but she only wore her retainer for a few months after treatment. As a result, her bottom teeth shifted slightly out of line, and she’s self-conscious about her smile, especially now that she’s planning a wedding! 

Although the alignment of her teeth wasn’t affecting her negatively – besides her self-confidence – Sarah decided to join the ranks of adults seeking orthodontic treatment and added clear aligners to her wedding-planning itinerary. In just under a year, Sarah’s got the wedding-ready smile she loves and the confidence to match just in time to make her way to the altar. 

Does Sarah sound like you? If so, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic orthodontic treatment at Razi Orthodontics. 


As opposed to functional orthodontic treatment, cosmetic orthodontics emphasizes speed, discretion, and aesthetics, all of which serve to boost the patient’s confidence and satisfaction in their smile. 


Most patients seeking cosmetic treatment don’t need years of corrective treatment, surgeries, or additional appliances. Instead, they’re looking to move their teeth only slightly, so their treatment times are likely to be much shorter than patients with severe malocclusions. Although all orthodontic treatment times vary depending on the patient’s unique needs and smile goals, cosmetic orthodontic patients can bank on faster-than-average treatment. 

More Discreet

With modern advancements in treatment technology, our braces and clear aligners are more comfortable and less visible than ever. For patients looking to get a smile tune-up, these options make treatment a breeze. 

Clear Braces:

Clear braces are also called ceramic braces or aesthetic braces, and they work in the same way as metal braces. Designed to provide patients with a more subtle treatment option, clear braces use white brackets that blend in with your teeth for a less noticeable effect. Many of our patients choose clear braces over traditional metal braces because they provide the best of both worlds: durability and aesthetic comfort. 


Straightening your teeth with Invisalign can be a great option if you want the least noticeable treatment plan possible. Using a series of customized clear aligner trays, Invisalign straightens your smile without the bulky brackets and wires of traditional metal or clear braces. 

As our most flexible treatment option, Invisalign allows you to straighten your teeth without changing your diet or oral hygiene routine like you would have to with metal braces. We offer Invisalign for children, teens, and adults alike. 


It can be uncomfortable looking in the mirror when you aren’t happy with your smile, and it may cause you to question how others perceive you. Getting cosmetic orthodontic treatment helps remove this worry because you can watch your braces or aligners straighten your smile as time goes on. Seeing these benefits, especially on the day your treatment is over, is enough to give anyone the boost of confidence they need to take on the world. 

What Is Cosmetic Orthodontics?

Choose Cosmetic Treatment at Razi Orthodontics

Straightening your smile is the first step in your journey to self-confidence, and the Razi Orthodontics team is so happy to walk with you every step of the way. Our team has years of experience straightening smiles all around Wheaton, and we look forward to helping you, too! Contact our office to schedule your free consultation and get started today!