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Here at Razi Orthodontics, we’re happy to provide patients around Wheaton, Carol Stream, and Glen Ellyn with traditional metal braces and the latest in orthodontic treatment technology.

Braces are specialized appliances that Dr. Razi uses to gently move your teeth into their ideal position and align your bite for a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Wheaton Braces

Our braces are modern, comfortable, and high quality. We also let you choose colors to express yourself and have fun!

While you may not think of braces when you think of innovations in orthodontic tech, the truth is that today’s braces are sleeker, less noticeable, and more effective than ever before.

Not only that, but as traditional braces have improved, they remain the most capable of treating difficult cases. Their sturdy metal construction can withstand more extreme pressure than alternatives.

Patients love how traditional brackets are a durable solution to any orthodontic treatment issue. There’s a reason traditional metal braces are still the most popular overall treatment option.

Another fantastic upside of today’s modern braces with Razi Orthodontics is that, for the same reason they’re great for difficult cases, treatment plans in general, tend to be a bit faster than with other options.

Since metal braces can withstand powerful differences in pressure, they can work faster to close gaps in your teeth or fix crowding or alignment issues with ease. This means less time overall for you, so you can get on with your life.

What Are Braces Made of?

Braces aren't just made of metal; they're actually made up of a few different components.

From brackets to glue and elastics to bands, here’s a breakdown of what braces are made of and why.


Brackets are the structure that holds the wire in place. Brackets are made from a mix of stainless steel, nickel, and other metals, with little hooks or doors to thread the archwire.

Your Wheaton ortho experts secure the brackets by placing an elastic color tie over the archwire.


Dr. Razi attaches the brackets to your teeth with a specialized orthodontic glue. This is applied directly to the teeth.

Orthodontic Bands

We cement these stainless steel rings to your teeth using dental glue. We use bands for specific orthodontic appliances, such as an expander.


Dr. Razi creates space between the teeth where needed by using these tiny elastic donuts. The most common time for spacers is before we place your bands, if necessary.

Elastic Ties/O-Rings/Ligatures/Colors

Dr. Razi uses small elastic color bands or rings to connect the archwire with the brackets, which are available in a wide range of colors.


A thin piece of metal that runs from one bracket to another, shaping and curving as needed so your teeth move in their desired direction.

Although it normally attaches all bottom/upper teeth there may be instances where it's necessary to cut this wire, as sometimes connecting only a few teeth is better for your unique treatment plan outcome.

Dr. Razi will make a decision based on your unique treatment needs.

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Elastics are an essential part of the process if Dr. Razi decides your bite needs correction. Generally, if elastics are required, we’ll string them between the upper and lower bracket hook.

At Razi Orthodontics, we use rubber bands to correct your bite. They are super easy to take on and off.  We will show you how to use them.

Metal Braces FAQ

How do braces work?

When you come in for braces, Dr. Razi and the team will begin by collecting photos and X-rays of your mouth.

With this information, Dr. Razi will create a customized treatment plan, outlining how each tooth needs to be adjusted to attain the optimal position for your beautiful new smile.

Based on this plan, Dr. Razi will determine where to place the brackets. This will be slightly different for each patient, depending on whether your teeth need to move.

Once the brackets are affixed, Dr. Razi will insert a low-force orthodontic wire to move your teeth, using bends to provide varying degrees of pressure on different teeth.

orthodontist office wheaton il
orthodontics wheaton il

You Should Be Smiling

At Razi Orthodontics, we believe everyone in Wheaton deserves the smile of their dreams. Traditional metal braces are a fantastic tool to achieve that, providing a reliable, affordable option capable of treating the most complex cases.

Come in for your free consultation to find out how we can build your dream smile, today!