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Dr. Razi

Dr. Kaleem Razi

Dr. Kaleem Razi is always looking for ways to improve the quality of care and experience for your family at Razi Orthodontics by utilizing the latest technology available in orthodontics.

Dr. Razi attended the University of Pennsylvania for dental school, where he received numerous honors for his academic excellence.

He completed his orthodontic residency at the University of Louisville while receiving a Master of Science in degree Dentistry for his research in smile esthetics.

Treatment Options Tailored for You


Clear aligners like Invisalign® have gained immense popularity as a modern alternative to traditional braces, both among orthodontists and patients. These aligners are custom-crafted from a comfortable plastic material to fit securely over your teeth. To ensure effective treatment, you'll typically transition to a new set of aligners every 1-2 weeks. Adherence to wearing your aligners for approximately 20-22 hours daily is crucial for optimal results. Failure to do so can prolong your treatment and reduce its effectiveness.

While clear aligners are suitable for many standard orthodontic issues, they may not be ideal for more complex cases. A free consultation with our expert team will help you identify the most effective treatment for you.

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Braces remain an indispensable tool in orthodontic care, offering unparalleled efficiency. Whether crafted from ceramic or metal, these brackets are affixed to your teeth and interconnected with wires and small rubber bands, known as elastics.

These components synergistically exert gentle pressure on your teeth, gradually aligning them into their ideal positions. Regular adjustments with our team ensure the treatment stays on course. Braces are particularly effective for complex dental issues and can sometimes offer quicker results and a more budget-friendly option compared to other treatments.

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Winfield Orthodontics: Personalized Care for Your Unique Smile

Our seasoned team brings years of expertise in delivering individualized treatment plans. During your free consultation at our Winfield orthodontic office, Dr. Razi will meticulously assess your specific needs, considering factors like the shape of your teeth, lip movement, and facial structure.

Based on these insights, Dr. Razi will recommend the orthodontic treatment that will best deliver the stunning, well-aligned smile you've always wanted.

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