Which Orthodontic Treatments Are Best for Adults?

You might be wondering, “Which orthodontic treatment is best for me?” The answer at Razi Orthodontics is that it is never too late for a new smile. Adult orthodontic treatments do more than just straighten your teeth – they transform smiles and lives. At Razi Orthodontics, we want our adult patients to be informed, comfortable, and confident in making their dream smile a reality. Let’s discuss one of our most common questions: “Which orthodontic treatments are best for adults?”

Looking At The Benefits

Braces and Invisalign at Razi Orthodontics bring benefits to your life that you may not be aware of. Dive into some of the positives you’ll experience when you choose orthodontic treatment. 

First, adults who choose orthodontic treatment report a huge boost in confidence after treatment. Braces and Invisalign provide some of the best ways to solve even the most complex dental issues. If your smile has some serious trouble woes, orthodontic treatments put in the work to bring out your best results.

Second, straighter teeth also mean healthier teeth. Proper alignment makes brushing and flossing your teeth way more effective. This reduces the risk of major dental problems that can pop up down the line. Our adult patients appreciate how braces and Invisalign simplify oral care and make good hygiene easier to maintain.

Finally, choosing orthodontic treatment means you’re investing in your future, both in looks and health. We’ll work to make sure that your orthodontic treatment fits into your daily life, keeping you on a path that your future self will thank. Our personalized plans are crafted to reflect each of your needs and goals.

The journey to a perfect smile with orthodontic treatments brings lasting benefits. At Razi Orthodontics, we believe it’s a worthwhile decision for anyone to consider braces or Invisalign. Our adult patients leave our office with straighter teeth and a smile that opens doors to a brighter future.

Which Orthodontic Treatments Are Best for Adults?

Your Smile Treatment Options

At Razi Orthodontics, you’ll have the options to meet your needs and wants. Our orthodontic treatments are strong, reliable, and key to transforming your smile.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are made up of two key parts: the brackets and the archwire. Each high-grade stainless steel bracket is attached to each tooth. Then, we run the archwire through the brackets. The brackets act as anchor points for the archwire, guiding your teeth to their correct position. Metal braces are reliable and efficient in treating all kinds of alignment issues.

Clear Braces

Clear braces, or ceramic braces, use the same function as metal braces but are built of a different material. Clear braces use brackets made of ceramic material, which blend into the natural color of your teeth. This makes them a less noticeable treatment option for our patients without losing out on effectiveness.

Our braces options aim to apply gentle pressure to your teeth to move them into alignment over time. This process not only straightens your teeth but also corrects bite issues to create a healthy, great-looking smile. 


Invisalign clear aligners are the new kid on the block. These custom-made plastic trays fit snugly around your smile to slowly move them into their perfect spots. Every week, you’ll change to the next tray to keep your smile adjustments on track.

The biggest benefit of Invisalign? They’re removable! When you eat, drink, or clean, you can take out your aligners to make your treatment just a little bit easier. Plus, since they’re transparent, you can go through treatment without anyone knowing.

Dispelling Myths About Adult Orthodontic Treatments

You may have heard of a few myths that are holding you back from getting orthodontic treatments as an adult. At Razi Orthodontics, it’s our job to tell you the truth and set the record straight.

Myth 1: “I’m too old for braces.”

Age does not impact the effectiveness of braces. Adults from their 20s to well into their 80s have been able to experience great smile transformations. Modern braces can adapt to adult teeth and gums and don’t need the growth and development children have to get a new smile.

Myth 2: “Orthodontic treatment will get in the way of my life.”

Another benefit of modern orthodontic treatment is that they’re made to fit into any adult’s lifestyle. Options like ceramic braces or Invisalign offer a less noticeable look while keeping the effectiveness of metal braces. You’ll enjoy a treatment that won’t interrupt a meeting, a night out, or even a selfie.

Myth 3: “Orthodontic treatment is too expensive.”

Dr. Razi and our team believe that everyone should be able to have the smile they’ve always wanted. We offer various financing options to make your treatment accessible and affordable. Also, the long-term benefits of improving your smile include reducing the number of costly dental trips down the line, making it an investment for your future.

Which Orthodontic Treatments Are Best for Adults?

Making Adults Smile At Razi Orthodontics

At Razi Orthodontics, every journey toward a brighter smile begins with a step forward. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re ready to pick your orthodontic treatment, we’re here to guide you. Have questions about starting with us? Reach out! Our team stands ready to support you in and around Wheaton. Schedule your free consultation today and take the first step on the path to a smile that not only looks great but feels great, too.